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Car audio Manufacturing Process

Updated: 2 days ago

BaassFx car audio enclosures are manufactured with extreme precision using highly automated CNC machines. The wood sourced is of the highest quality and undergoes all the necessary quality tests to create a superior product with a longer shelf life. As a company, we would like to highlight the manufacturing process:

1) The wood sheets are cut using CNC machines, ensuring each product has exact dimensions and fits the engineering requirements for sound and acoustics.

2) Once all sides of the enclosure are ready, our skilled professionals begin box construction on an assembly line to complete the enclosure's shape. They use tools like nail guns and compressed air (for pressure suction and blowing) to maximize production efficiency and save valuable time.

3) The most crucial aspect of the construction is the adhesive used for the entire box construction. This glue is exceptionally strong and does not compromise the box even under medium levels of impact.

4) After construction is complete, the box moves to a booth where it is coated with a super light but strong adhesive on the exterior.

5) Following this step, each box is covered with outer carpet cloth to provide a unique texture and color to the sound enclosures. Highly skilled laborers cut the excess carpet sheet with precision, ensuring a smooth finish on the final enclosure.

6) Once the enclosure is ready, hardware accessories are fitted to the box before being forwarded to the packaging section.

7) A layer of protective film is wrapped around the products before they are dispatched.

For more details, please watch this video:

All these processes contribute to the quality of BaassFx products.

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