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Balancing your Car Sound

1. Experiment with playing the rear speakers by the setting on the head unit

2. Verify the location of the sound by the balance from left right.
3. the bass to a level is easy to hear4. Ensure that the's trunk is securely.
5. After the desired sound from the speakers, adjust the speakers to an audible and enjoy the music.


1. Vibrations are usually from the inside of the car. Vibrations emerge from the boot and boot lid which is hollow and does not have any packaging (damping) or from any other components in the car fitting (like the door).​

2. The plank just above the spare wheel in the boot is not strong enough to handle the bass output produced by the sound component and enclosure.

Missing Sound

1. Check speaker component connections inside the enclosures. Make sure that the red wire connects to the +ve sign and the other to the –ve sign on the back of the speaker.

2. Check your speaker cable used. A poor quality product can always be a reason to missing sound.

3. Cut fresh edges of the speaker cable wire to attach on to the screw-fit connections on the back of the terminal block at the rear of the speaker.

In such cases, use the BaassFx D-Mat range to damp these areas of the car and minimize the vibration sound. The D-Mat also absorbs all the vibrations by providing a cushioning just below the plank area.

Ensure a secure and tight fit to maintain a proper electrical connection.

Empowering you as customer and making you more aware is always a top priority of BaassFx team. We want you to choose the best suited product to your car and your personal choices.

  • How does BaassFx ensure quality for their products?
    The most important element in manufacturing the best products for our customers is the use of best grade raw materials. We use A-Grade ISI mark MDF particle board for our products which is responsible to generate better acoustics. We do thorough quality check to make sure that our products are durable and resistant to any damage caused by climatic conditions. MDF is made of fibers of short rotation plantation timber.
  • What are options available for cars like Toyota Qualis, Tata Safari, Tata Sumo and Mahindra Scorpio?
    These cars have baby seats at the back and there is very little space for installations. BaassFx has developed products like UNI BS 691 and UNI BS (Small) which fit perfectly under the baby seats and gives optimum sound experience in your car.
  • What is the difference between sealed and ported enclosures?
    If you want to hear clear bass inside the car you should go for sealed enclosure. For example the Atom B 120 is a good product when it comes to sealed enclosures. If you are looking for clear bass heard outside the car too then you should opt for ported enclosure. For example, Bass Tube, C4, Aircommet, etc.
  • What if I want best of both experiences?
    In such a case we have to monitor and the technical specifications of the subwoofer and amplifier should be mathematically matched to the component and the size of the car. This would let you enjoy both the worlds. BaassFx provides customized solutions to your cars according to its make, size and listening preferences
  • Is there any universal solution for hatchbacks?
    Yes, BaassFx has a product called UNI H 1269 which is made as a universal solution for hatchback car where you can have two 6” x 9” speakers and one 12’ subwoofer. We call it a Universal Box
  • Do you provide customized sound enclosures?
    Yes. We already have catered to customers who wanted customized solutions for their cars. We provide unique solutions for Mahindra Thar, Scorpio, Gypsy, etc.
  • Why use BaassFx wiring or installation kits?
    BaassFx has an entire range of audio installation accessories, be it wiring, terminals, connectors, power cables, speaker cables, RC cord, etc. BaassFx has also introduced ready to fit amplifier installation kits with pre connected terminals. This makes it easy to install for any fitter/serviceman/ installer.
  • What specifications are available in Speaker Wires?
    These are available in different gauge (18, 16, 14, and 12). These products are high quality and have long product life. Most of the cables have pure copper strands under the flexible PVC coating. Typically sellers have cheaper options but there are made from aluminum coated copper. This is not the best solution as sound waves pass through these they disintegrates and fall off in powder form. It creates a break in the wires internally.
  • There are cheaper Amplifier Installation Kits available in the market. Why choose BaassFx?
    BaassFx recommends not choosing cheap wiring kit options as they decrease the life of your other audio components. Wiring is like nerves system carrying the audio signal to various components and finally giving a sound output. We insist you do not compromise on installation when you invest into buying good subwoofers, speakers and components for your car. The BaassFx amplifier kit has pure copper strand cables and they last longer than cheaper options available.
  • Do you also have any other car accessories under BaassFx?
    Yes. We have a complete range of best in class Car Chargers, Aux Cables and USB connectors which are imported from our trusted partners around the globe. The specifications are of highest quality standards and products are available across all price ranges.
  • I do not want to install a subwoofer and amplifier in my car due to low budget, but want good sound output. Can you give me a solution?
    Definitely! You can use our product RDX 691 instead of installing a low watt output subwoofer and an amplifier which is not in your budget. You will not require installing any amplifier and yet enjoy high quality sound and good bass in your car.
  • I want to enjoy clear bass as well as vocals when listening to music in my car. Which products complement each other?
    Atom B120 is a very good option if you want to enjoy clear bass in your car. Do not combine it with RDX 691 because they both create the same bass which further creates distortion of voice and you cannot hear clear sound. Instead, you can compliment it with our product Tank 691 which will support good vocals.
  • What is the best car audio installation for cars like XUV 500 or Scorpio 8 seat?
    Such cars have very narrow space at the back and it needs to be intelligently utilized. BaassFx has introduced unique products called Slim Boxes. You can try the Atom SL 120 and Scorp Sub 120 for above requirement.
  • What if I am looking for an overall experience with sound enclosure and components and amplifier in a single solution?
    We have a solution for that too. If you can allot more space in the car and are looking to install all the above we have developed a box called Blazer 212. In this you can fit two subwoofer, two 6/8 speakers or component and amplifier all together in one compact design.
  • I would like to install a car tray and related sound components. How do I go about it?
    The most important part in installing car trays is the exact fit and finish of the tray. There are many trays available in market but most of the times customers face problems with the preciseness of the fitting. BaassFx has an entire range of car trays made to suit different cars and their sizes. We provide pre-wired connectors to make it convenient for installation. Our product like Deluxe Tray are made keeping in mind that you need to keep your luggage in the boot space and it protects the speaker magnets from any damage due to constant vibration or impact.
  • I want to fit a 6” x 9” speaker in the tray section of a sedan. How do I do it?
    Usually the car trays have provision to fit 6” and 6.5” speakers but in case of 6” x 9”” speakers the technician has to manipulate and cut in the tin section in the back of the car. But BaassFx provides a product called as UFO Tray which solves the concern where the technician need not cut into the tin section. There is a provision given in the tray itself where a 6” x 9”” speaker can be mounted easily.
  • Do I need spacers in my car while installing speakers?
    When speakers are installed directly on the front or rare panels without any cushioning there is immediate vibration on the surface of the doors inside and outside. BaassFx has universal spacers to match different types of vehicles which provide the cushion between the speaker and car panels. They absorb the vibrations creating a divide between the speaker and body of the car.
  • Do I need to have Amp Board while installing my amplifier and related components?
    It is ideal to fit an Amp Board for your amplifier installations. Usually amplifiers are fitted under the seat or inside the boot. This may cause damage to the amplifier. Also if the wiring/ installation are not done accurately there are safety concerns to your equipment and the car. An amp board helps to keep the amplifier in isolation and the wiring is done in proper channels to avoid any kind of post installation issues.
  • How important is wiring while installing the car audio enclosures and components?
    This is the most important aspect of car audio and creates a huge different between good and average sound output. It does not depend on the subwoofer or component but on good installation of these components result to clear sound and longevity of the product. A good installer knows minor protocols that make a huge difference to your listening experience. We at BaassFx have followed international standards for our audio installation products and have catered to an entire range of installation accessories.
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