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The New Era In Sound

BaassFx has entered a new era in the car and professional audio industry. With a strong commitment to introducing new products and continuously innovating within its current range, the brand has transformed into a comprehensive solution for diverse customers. By consistently expanding its network of distributors and dealers, the company aims to establish even closer connections with end consumers.

Recently, BaassFx launched its professional audio enclosure systems in the market. Building on past experience and involvement in Palm Expo 2015, we unveiled a fresh line of products for the professional audio sector that quickly gained popularity among our clientele. By incorporating advanced technology and unique techniques not commonly used by competitors, we have ensured that our products deliver maximum value to customers.

Recognizing the vast scope of this market and the increasing demand, we are planning to enhance our production capabilities to fulfill larger orders and cater to different regions of the country. This year, we will be present at Palm Expo 2016 with the objective of expanding our network of stockists across various regions.

The anticipation will soon come to an end, and you can expect to see a wider range of products from BaassFx. We will keep you informed of any updates.

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