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BaassFx has seen a new era in the car and professional audio sector. With its immense passion to bring in new products and constant innovation to its existing product range, the brand has evolved to become a one-stop-solution for a variety of customers. With constant addition to distributors and dealers the company aspires to reach even closer to its end consumers.

Recently BaassFx introduced its professional audio enclosure systems to the market. With previous experience and participation at the Palm Expo 2015, we rolled a new line of products for the professional audio segment which beacme an instant hit amongst our customers. With new cutting edge technology and techniques rarely used by our counterpart/s we have ensured that the products have given highest value to our customers.

Looking at the width of this market and looking at the demand we plan to increase our production capacities and fulfill larger orders and supply in part various parts of the country. This year we will participate at the Palm Expo 2016 with an intention to seek more and more stockists in different parts of the country.

The wait will be over soon and you will be able to see more variety in products from the house of BaassFx. We will keep you posted.

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