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LMH 212

The LMH-BFX212 is a 3 way line array loudspeaker system which is engineered to exceptional performance from the line array to enhance live sound and a variety of sound installations.

It is compact in size yet is packed with a full bandwidth system.

It can be used without the subwoofer for certain applications too. It is a versatile and scalable system that can be flown or ground stacked for wide range of events. It can be complimented with BFX 218, subwoofer for exceptional low frequency extension.


  • 3 Way Line-Array System for main hang.
  • 55Hz-18kHz frequency
  • European drivers for superior quality and durability.
  • 2 x 12inch high performance neo woofers in bass reflex design.
  • New 2 x 8 inch slot-loaded mid design.
  • 2 x 1.4 inch neo compression driver, horn-loaded for power and performance.
  • 16 ohms low, mid and high frequency sections.
  • Wide bandwidth, extended bass response.
  • Wide coveroge 120° horizontoL
  • Quick, central and high-strength rigging system.
  • Common frame grid can be used for stacking (ground) or flying options.
  • Company presets (crossover design) for a variety of applications.

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