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LMH 118

The BFX 118 is a high performance single 18 inch front loaded subwoofer is an extremely compact subwoofer. Vented-box advantages take over for the lowest octave and assist in producing exceptionally high levels of clean, punchy bass from a modest-sized box.

A specialized 18 inch 1200W woofer is loaded to ensure chest-kicking low frequency, extremely long term power handling and reliability in all applications.

When used with the BFX 112, the BFX 118 provides high-output sound underpinning for clubs, large halls, or outdoor events in a compact package which can be moved easily by a single person crew.


  • Compact design High- Output front loaded subwoofer system with long throw capability.
  • 18 inch very-high excursion, high power European bass driver.
  • Frequency range 35Hz-150Hz
  • 8 ohm nominal impendence.
  • Easy hanging provision provided for BFX 118 makes it versatile.
  • The base has flying bracket arrangement. This is uniquely created to give flexibility of setup.
  • It can used to deliver extremely low frequency from top of line array.

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