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LMH 112

The BFX-LMH 112 is a compact line array loudspeaker module. It is powered externally by 2-way passive speaker which integrates mid and high frequency transducers in a single unit. The BFX-LMH 112 uses highest quality European class drivers which provide optimal performance. It is a compact coupled with user friendly technology.

Mid-bass frequency reproduction is taken care by single 12 inch 400W BaassFx neo sound woofer in bass reflex configuration. This high power and high excursion 12 inch woofer has been specifically built for the BFX-LMH 112 to ensure hard-hitting low-frequency and excellent mid frequency performance. For High frequencies 1.4 inch exit compression driver are mounted on plane wave converters.


  1. High performance two-way full-range line array system.
  2. Very high output coupled with clean and precise sound reproduction.
  3. Passive operation.
  4. European drivers for superior performance and durability.
  5. 12 inch 400W high performance neo woofer in bass reflex design
  6. 1.4 inch compression driver, for power and performance
  7. Wide bandwidth and extended bass response
  8. Wide coverage 120° horizontal
  9. Common fly frame may be used for flying or ground stacking
  10. Fast, Integral, high-strength rigging system
  11. Company presets (crossover designed) for a variety of applications

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