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Speaker spacers are known by several names, including “speaker brackets” or “speaker adapters”. While aftermarket car speakers come in a range of standardized sizes, the speakers mounted into cars at the factory sometimes are built to different specifications.

When speakers are directly installed on to the Front or the rare door panels without any cushion space there is an immediate vibration on the surface of the Door.

If you’re trying to mount a smaller aftermarket speaker into an opening designed for a larger-sized speaker, you’ll need a speaker spacer to ensure that the new speaker can fit in your vehicle.

BaassFx have introduced universal spacers under the UNI Series for specific vehicles. These spacers absorb the vibrations by becoming a cushioning fence between the speaker and the body of the door. It’s must for every quality listeners.

Special features of BaassFx spacers:
1. Speaker spacers are specially designed to fit all car models.
2. Better Clarity for Mid Bass and Vocals.
3. Custom design and unique construction for special requirement.

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