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We expect good sound output from our car audio system. The quality of bass output that you get from your sub woofer component does not depend on the sub-woofer alone but also depends on the sound enclosure that is been used. The material used for these enclosures, tight construction and mounting predicts the performance of your subwoofer. For optimum throw and output all these factors need to be in sync. The installation accessories add to the durability and life of the components in the car.

Best of the component without the enclosure cannot deliver full bass output as the sound from the back of the speaker can sometimes cancel out the low frequencies emanating from the front of the speaker.

At BaassFx, we are experts in creating the best Sub-Woofer Enclosures and use the latest technology to ensure quality product and unique experience to our customers. We maintain a highly efficient manufacturing process and accuracy by using high end CNC machines for production.

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