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General Tips

Empowering you as customer and making you more aware is always a top priority of BaassFx team. We want you to choose the best suited product to your car and your personal choices. Here is some of general information of your reference:


Balancing your Car Sound

1. Try playing the rear speakers only by fading it from the head unit.

2. Check the original location left to right by adjusting the balance.

3. Adjust the bass to an audible level.

4. Make sure that the boot of car is closed.

5. Once you are satisfied with the rear sound, play the front speakers to an audible level and enjoy the music.


1. Vibrations are usually from the inside of the car. Vibrations emerge from the boot and boot lid which is hollow and does not have any packaging (damping) or from any other components in the car fitting (like the door).


2. The plank just above the spare wheel in the boot is not strong enough to handle the bass output produced by the sound component and enclosure.

In such cases, use the BaassFx D-Mat range to damp these areas of the car and minimize the vibration sound. The D-Mat also absorbs all the vibrations by providing a cushioning just below the plank area.

Missing Sound:

1. Check speaker component connections inside the enclosures. Make sure that the red wire connects to the +ve sign and the other to the –ve sign on the back of the speaker.

2. Check your speaker cable used. A poor quality product can always be a reason to missing sound.

3. Cut fresh edges of the speaker cable wire to attaché on to the screw-fit connections on the back of the terminal block at the rear of the

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