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As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, AutoCAD does not have native support for audio playback or editing. AutoCAD is primarily a computer-aided design software used for crea

Proaudio enclosures require a different level of proce犀利士 ss to ensure that the enclosures are highly durable in indoor as well as outdoor conditions of usage. These enclo

We promised you earlier in this year that BaassFx will introduce newer and innovative products in market at the Palm Expo 2016 which is an international expo held in one major city

BaassFx car audio enclosures are manufactured with extreme precision with highly automated CNC machines. The wood that is sourced is of highest quality and goes through all the qua

BaassFx has seen a new era in the car and professional audio sector. With its immense passion to bring in new products and constant innovation to its existing product range, the br

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